Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The A.F.S. present ... ROBOWAR!

Tuesday February 23rd
8:30 pm Doors 9:00 pm movie
Black Box Theater Upstairs
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI

Come out and join us for Bruno Mattei’s 
Italo Trash masterpiece melding 
of Predator and Robocop starring 
the incomparable Reb Brown!

Friday, January 1, 2016

The A.F.S. presents some 16MM Brucesploitation DYNAMO!

Monday January 11th

8:30pm doors 9:00pm film

$5.00 Admission

Join us to kick off the new year in style with some Cinemascope 

16mm Bruceploitation! Come check out the adventures of 

Bruce Li as he attempts to fill Bruce Lee’s shoes! 

Please note though that while we have a beautiful scope 16mm 

print we only have one scope lens so there will be a 

short intermission while I change reels during this film.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The A.F.S. presents 16MM FOR CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday December Eighth
8:30pm Doors / 9:00pm Showtime
Black Box Theater
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI

An evening of 16mm Christmas shorts from the Arkham vaults! Will they be weird? Funny? Unintentionally Creepy? Or unfortunately Boring? Who knows because we will find out along side you as we plan to bring a couple boxes of Christmas themed shorts and see where they take us.

Unlike last years show, which was simply a compilation of Christmas oddities, this years is a collection of shorts. Some of them will be played right through normally while others will be "effected" and manipulated for a more experimental experience.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The A.F.S. return to the GHOSTHOUSE!

Tuesday, Nov 17th,
9:00pm showtime

Empire Black Box
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI

About three years ago we screened Umberto Lenzi’s fantastically ludicrous 1988 movie GHOSTHOUSE! Many people have commented to us either about having fun at the screening or expressed their disappointment over missing it so let’s run it again. Plus Scott drew that great flyer art for us last time and I wanted a chance to use it again.

GHOSTHOUSE is a 1988 Italian haunted house film that literally throws every cliché and trope of the haunted house genre at you in the most ridiculous of ways! You get a creepy girl, a creepy doll, a ghost dog, hauntings via technology, an Easter decoration-wielding poltergeist, and even an appearance by Death. Really there isn’t anything more you can ask of a ghost movie than this so tune in your HAM radio, get in your camper, and take time to get a book that explains hauntings out of the library and read it while your girlfriend is in the shower because you need to see our encore screening of GHOSTHOUSE!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rock And Shock 2015 Film Festival film schedule.

So that time of year is here and we have finalized the lineup of films for this years Rock And Shock Film Festival! Here is a schedule of the films and continue reading below for a list of the short films which appear in the short film blocks.


6:00pm – Shorts Block 1
7:00pm – Upsidedown Cross w/ intro by Director William Hellfire and Star Erin Russ
8:30pm – Diary Of A Deadbeat w/ intro


12:00pm – Blood Works w/ Jack Bennett
01:00pm – New England Film Maker Shorts Block
02:30pm – Promo for Metal and Horror Documentary
02:45pm – Fury: The Tales Of Ronan Pierce
04:45pm – Love Letters promo
05:00pm – Manson Family Vacation + short On A Country Road
07:00pm – Pieces Of Talent + short Recipe
09:00pm – Old 37 w/ intro by writer Paul Travers and star Bill Moseley


12:00pm – Chainsaw Maidens From Hell
01:30pm – Shorts Block 2
03:00pm – Gilgamesh
04:30pm – Bite School

Rock And Shock 2015 Short Film Blocks

New England Film Maker Block*
Daddy Dearest
They’re Closing In
Scary Little Fuckers

Shorts Block 1*
The Barista
Witches Brew
The Dump
Tuck Me In

Shorts Block 2*
Tell Tail
Holliday Spirit
Suffer The Little Children

*Titles in each block may not play in the order listed.

For more information on Rock And Shock, New Englands largest gathering of horror movie and extreme music fans, then please check out their website. 

Rock and Shock will be held October 16th through 18th at The DCU Center, Worcester, MA.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Spectreman Septemberman

Monday September 14th
8:30pm doors / 9:00pm movie
$5.00 or free with Brown / RISD ID

at Empire Black Box
95 Empire St.

Providence, RI

This month we celebrate Spectreman, a low rent Ultraman knock off in which our hero battles giant weirdo pollutant based monsters sent to destroy earth by a crazed space ape mad scientist to punish us for polluting the planet! Join us as we screen four episodes from this amazing early seventies series.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The A F S Presents... a crazed biker-sploitation benefit for Chris Marks!

Wednesday, August 26th
8:30pm Doors / 9:00pm movie

Empire Black Box
95 Empire Street, 
Providence, RI

Come out and join us for one of the most insane
biker flicks! When a group of bikers are passing through a small town and
get accused of a gang rape all hell breaks loose  and leads to a huge battle 
between the bikers and the rednecks! Enjoy this crazy movie and
help our friend Chris cover the medical bills incurred  after a 
texting driver put him in the hospital. We are donating all profits from this screening to the Go Fund Me campaign for Chris' medical expenses.